About Chez Andi!

This site has long been a dream of mine.

As an amateur cook, I'm fascinated by different flavour, texture and visual combinations, but I also have a great passion for local produce.

I'm a great believer in both supporting and promoting local producers.

The balance however is that when you are cooking for a young family, there has to be consideration for budget and accessibility of ingredients. The majority of people simply cannot survive on local produce alone and there is no doubt that supermarkets have a key role in supplying the food for our table. I believe however, that it is possible to include locally produced ingredients into our everyday meals and in that way both improve our enjoyment and health whilst supporting the local community.

I don't major on about organic food, although it's true to say that I'd far rather pick my own than buy prepacked - I encourage people to grow their own, even a windowsill can provide fresh salads.

Please feel free to email me with any ideas, recipes, links or comments that you feel would improve this site & in the meantime, enjoy & happy eating.